Dog Owners Reviews

Cooper responded immediately to the Bark Buster's method. We saw immediate instant results.
Heather N., Gaithersburg, Maryland 18th December 2013

Jim was absolutely a "Godsend". Before he left on the first visit, Chloe was exhausted from all the mental stimulation. I love the tools and techniques, very effective.
Lisa B., Damascus, Maryland 29th November 2013

Unbelievable the difference it made just in the first training, the Bark Busters method makes so much sense!
Loretta N., Mt. Airy, Maryland 23rd November 2013

The results were quick. I like the program is positive and there is follow up support. Jim was very thorough, helpful and addressed all of our specific concerns
Carla H., Clarksburg, Maryland 23rd November 2013

Jim was great with Rajah, we were very surprised at well Rajah responded to him, and at the end of the lesson we could see a huge difference already. The advice and tips Jim gave us will be extremely helpful and we cannot wait to start implementing them.
Shabnam S., Montgomery Village 19th September 2011

I was very surprised with how quickly the Bark Buster's method got our dog under control. He responded immediately. The best part it is a method we can use at home.
Ellen Z., Mt. Airy 19th September 2011

Jim's first visit made a difference in my dog's behavior. I have every confidence that using the techniques given, my dog will continue and retain good behavior.
Jannis W., Montgomery Village 19th September 2011

The training techniques are far superior to those I have seen from other trainers. Each session led to further improvement of Luli's behavior. Excellent overall experience.
Bob P., Milford 15th September 2011

Jim was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and made the training enjoyable, the "bah" technique was great!
Andrea N., Clarksburg 4th April 2011

One word... "EXCELLENT!"
Tom D., Gaithersburg 2nd March 2011

Very impressed with how well my dog (Jeb) reacted and listened to the training method!
Abby K., Mt. Airy 29th January 2011

We noticed an improvement in our dog's behavior on the leash after the very first session. With Jim's help, we are learning how to effectively communicate with our dog and become the leaders of our "pack." Jim was thorough, patient, and creative. He knows his stuff, and we look forward to working with him and Bark Busters in the future. Thank you, Jim!
Susan Sagarin, Montgomery Village 5th December 2010

Hi Jim-Just wanted to let you know that your suggestions have made Abigail improvement w/ ALL the dogs. Even Simon! Thanks!
Jo Anna K., Montgomery Village 17th September 2010

Jim explained and made the training method very easy to understand, and he frequently checks up on how my dog is progressing.
Natasha D., Montgomery Village 20th August 2010

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